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philosophy 哲學,人生觀,原理 來源(2): F.O.L.D.O.C [foldoc] philosophy See computer ethics, liar paradox, netiquette, proof. 來源(3): Network Terminology [netterm] philosophy 哲理 來源(4): 天主教英漢袖珍辭典 [catholic] philosophy 哲學 原意指愛智之學。
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Stoicism was a school of Hellenistic philosophy.It was founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early third century BC.It concerns the active relationship between cosmic determinism and human freedom.This philosophy claims that it is virtuous to maintain a will (a determination, prohairesis) which is in accord with nature.

en Stoicism în „Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy” fr Dicționarul „Imago Mundi”: Stoicismul ro Spiritul militant al stoicilor și primul stat comunist din istorie, Viața Românească, Nr. 1-2 / ianuarie-februarie 2007 en The Basiscs of Philosophy: Stoicism , 24 iulie
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He shows that Stoicism can provide a philosophy of life consistent with a modern scientific worldview, and with atheism or agnosticism as well as different forms of religion. He provides many vivid examples of everyday situations in which Stoic philosophy was found helpful in his o Massimo Pigliucci is an important voice in the modern Stoicism movement.
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Cara Menjalani Filosofi Stoik. Pengendalian diri dan kemampuan memahami diri sendiri merupakan aspek penting untuk menjalani hidup sesuai filosofi Stoic atau menjadi pribadi tawakal sesuai terjemahan kata stoic di kamus. Meskipun Anda
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Stoicism is a practical philosophy that emphasizes rationality and virtue as the only true goods. Unlike other religious or spiritual practices, Stoicism does not require that you abandon reason or strain your grip on reality; rather, it provides an ethical orientation to life that is fully consistent with our nature as rational, social beings.
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Interpretation which makes physics in these passages into ethical foundations answers poorly to the ancient texts and raises severe difficulties as an interpretation of Stoicism. Two texts which have been taken to commit Stoics to a foundationalist view of the relation of ethics and physics do not in fact do so; rather, they fit well into the holistic view of philosophy and its parts.
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