seawater encroachment 中文 海水倒灌是什么意思、應該怎么翻譯

海水倒灌 規范用詞 海水倒灌 英文對照 seawater encroachment 名詞定義 沿海地區由于陸地內河道水位低于海平面,從而引起海水向陸地回流的現象。 所屬學科 資源科學技術 > 資源地學 名詞審定 資源科學技術名詞審定委員會 見載刊物 《資源科學技術名詞》 科學出版社
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中文 英文 入侵 在英文中 中文-英文字典 入侵 verb 翻譯 入侵 invasion noun zh military action encroachment noun 在這條河流中,由于沿海海浪和河流向下的排泄, 出現了海水入侵。 In this river, seawater encroachment occurs in response to coastal waves and
Salts left by evaporation of seawater, Maine. – Geology Pics
The impacts of environment lead to the outcomes such as the impeded drainage, seawater encroachment and invade of seawater tragedy. More over, the Hydrology of Taiwanese lands is complex, the hillside cliffy and the river short, the rain falling down from upstream to downstream of the river only takes merely few hours, which caused flood when the Typhoon or pouring rain …
Salts left by evaporation of seawater, Maine. – Geology Pics
持牌水喉匠 使用於內部供水系統及消防供水的的喉管及裝置 水管工程技術要求及申請指南 水喉工程的良好作業指引 申請供水
Seawater and fresh water intakes
(PDF) Sea water intrusion
SEAWATER intrusion (salt-water intrusion) or encroachment is the surface and underground flow of saline water into freshwater aquifer due to human interaction with …
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New water recycling projects to battle seawater invasion in Monterey Bay area – East Bay Times
Saltwater intrusion
Saltwater intrusion is the movement of saline water into freshwater aquifers, which can lead to groundwater quality degradation, including drinking water sources, and other consequences. Saltwater intrusion can naturally occur in coastal aquifers, owing to the hydraulic connection between groundwater and seawater..
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I believe you must be aware of the typhoon in 2017, which led to two days of blackouts and seawater encroachment in the area. The challenge is …
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sea definition: 1. the salty water that covers a large part of the surface of the earth, or a large area of salty…. Learn more. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge
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Seawater will make incursion in great quantity and will cut down the freshwater supply for people’s lives, industrial and agricultural production and will affect the ecological systems. Supply exploitable materials : Honghu Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden wetland may supply us with multiple goods, including timbers, crude drugs, animal leathers, meat, eggs, fish, …
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