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法語planter的中文翻譯:vt. 栽植, 栽種, 豎立i v.t. 1. 裁種,裁植,種植:planter des fleurs 裁花 planter des pom,planter例句,法語詞典。
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Concrete planter by IAM architecture studio on Behance
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White Concrete Planter Collection on Behance

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長島冰茶(英語: Long Island Iced Tea ),取名冰茶,卻是在沒有使用紅茶的情況下,調製出具有紅茶色澤與口味的雞尾酒。調製的主要成份為伏特加,龍舌蘭酒和琴酒,酒精濃度大約30%。 [2] 起源之一的說法為1920年代美國 禁酒令期間,酒保將烈酒與可樂混成一杯看似茶的飲品,來鑽法令漏洞;起源之
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Verdure (Self herb planter) on Behance
黑豹 (漫畫)
黑豹(英語:Black Panther),本名為鐵查拉(英語:T’Challa),由美國漫威漫畫公司所創造的漫畫角色。他首次出現在於1966年6月出版的《驚奇四超人》(Fantastic Four)52集,由編輯史丹·李以及漫畫家傑克·科比(Jack Kirby)所共同創造。黑豹是第一名在主流美國
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Various Ceramic Planters on Behance
Planters Nut & Chocolate Company is an American snack food company, a division of Kraft Heinz based in Chicago, Illinois, best known for its processed nuts and for the Mr. Peanut icon that symbolizes them.[1] Mr. Peanut was created by grade schooler Antonio Gentile for a 1916 contest to design the company’s brand icon.[1] The design was
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Saldo Hanging Herb Planter and Dryer on Behance
Plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is a disorder of the connective tissue which supports the arch of the foot.[2] It results in pain in the heel and bottom of the foot that is usually most severe with the first steps of the day or following a period of rest.[2][4] Pain is also frequently brought on by bending the foot and toes up towards the shin.[3][4] The
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Suppliers of Rustic plant pot decorative cement planter pots for plants,succulents,cactus,flowers,grass with pattern Country Style Company

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Planter Hole for Sprayed Concrete/Masonry Facing Slope (301KB) C 2508E Lockable Gate for Maintenance Stairway on slopes up to 40 o (487KB) C 2509A Shotcrete to Upslope Area and Crest Channel with Upstand (153KB) C 2510E Lockable Gate for o
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