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first initial第一個字母 last initial 最后一個字母.用在名字上就是漢字拼音的首字母.Luo Dayou 就是L .Y. 已贊過 已踩過 你對這個回答的評價是? 評論 收起 其他類似問題 2012-10-30 last name,initial的意思? 2015-09-04 middle Initial是什么意思 2009-06-08
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以前讀初中時剛接觸英語, 英文的名和姓都搞得很亂, 一直都搞不清楚,現在接觸的英語多了,學的也多了,也就非常熟悉了,不過我想還是有很多人不清楚,所以在這里和大家隨便聊聊這個簡單的問題,呵呵。 在英文中,姓與名的位置跟我們中文的表達的先后順序是相反的,比如,張 …
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中翻英的last,first,middle name該怎麼填
22/3/2006 · first name (名): 通常會填自己的英文名字 如果沒有英文名字就填 「小明」 Xiao-Ming last name (姓): 王 Wang Middle name <— (Christian name):同意2號回答者鮪魚的解答 本身也居住在國外 從來沒聽說過middle name是以爸爸的名字來取的說法 = =
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什麼是first name? last name?
14/7/2007 · 1 frist name – 西方人名的第一個字/小明 2 last name -姓/黃 3 given name-教名;名字(不包括姓) 4 surname- 1姓 They assumed I was French from my surname. 他們從我的姓推測我是法國人。 2 別名,外號,綽號 vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)[O9]
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 · PDF 檔案Initial allowance 16 Annual allowance 19 Annual allowance rates 21 Calculation of the allowances 22 Assets brought into the business after non-business use 25 Proceeds of machinery or plant disposed of 28 Assets removed from pool for non-business use 30
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First name and/or first initial appears in parenth
The first name or initial is appearing in several of my parenthetical citations within the text of my document. I have re-entered the information manually in endnote (X1, Windows 2007)), but it does not correct the problem. This is only occurring in a handful of my
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The calculator is only applicable for calculating the first contributions for employees (other than casual employees) between the ages of 18 and 65. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to browse this site, you give
Text sign showing introducing. conceptual photo presenting a topic or someone initial approach first meeting.
Initial d Deja vu (中文字幕)
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