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I believe it should be 『as follows’, as the full text should read 『Details are, as it follows』. The phrase 「as it follows」 is described as having the loose meaning of 「as it follows」.
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這其實就是as follows 與following 的用法。總的來說是多用as follows,少用following 就好。 as follows與following 的區別 「As follows」 is often used to introduce a list (of things, etc.) E.g. The 75 students are divided into five groups as follows: group 1 – group 5 1.
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As Follows or As Follow
As follows means what comes next, or the things listed here, and is usually followed by a colon (:). It is used to list things. As follows is an idiom, a group of words used to signify or show detail.
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‪Q3. 經常看到有人寫My reply is follow / following
1. My reply is as follows. 2. The following is my reply. 3. Please refer to my following reply. 4. What follows is my reply. 5. For details of my reply, see below. 順帶一提,現在流行有一部美劇,故事講述一批「邪教教徒」,劇名為“The following”。
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23/3/2009 · The details are as followed or as follows:—–意思是 如下, 這兩種用法我都看過 字典上的是as follows 類似的用法 The information is as follows. For more information, see below. The information is shown below. Check out (see, read) the information below. 你還可以
As Follows Or As Follow?
16/1/2009 · Not, two explanations you requested are as follows: I might be wrong but it seems to me when one item or thing is being mentioned in a sentence as a subject, it follows up with 「as follows」, but when you are making a sentence with multiple items or things, it is right to use 「as follow」 with no 「s」 in the end of the verb.
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Synonym for as below As follows is probably used more to let the reader know that a list of information is about to be stated. For example: I have to go grocery shopping, the items I need are as follows: Eggs, Rice, Chicken, Juice Whereas 「as seen/shown below」 could refer to both text or an image, for example. The meal I will make today is shown /can be seen below …
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要用英文叫人家看附檔裡的東西, 有很多種說法 比如: Please find the report / my homework in the attachment. the report / my homework 可換成你附的其他東西, 比如照片 picture(s) 或 Please find the attached report / homework. 也可以說: Attached is the
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