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如果合同條款中沒有加入任何努力,盡力(endeavour )等字… 跳轉到內容 普通法隨筆 選單 best endeavour,reasonable endeavours and all reasonable endeavours 最大努力,合理的盡力與最大何理盡力
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endeavour 中文 意思是什麼 音標 [in’devə] endeavour解釋 n. 名詞 努力,盡力。 do one’s (best) endeavour(s) 盡全力。 make every endeavour 盡一切努力,不遺餘力
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檢查“ endeavour”到中文的翻譯。瀏覽句子中endeavour的翻譯示例,聽發音并學習語法。 “結果發現,我們在巴卡西爭端中所做的選擇——要看到正義戰勝強權——是完全有道理的,因為我們是極其致力于和平的民族。
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雨果獎(英語:Hugo Award)是一個頒予每年最佳科幻和奇幻作品的獎項。該獎因《驚奇故事雜誌(英語:Amazing Stories)》創辦人雨果·根斯巴克而得名,且在1992年前官方名為「科幻成就獎」。它是世界科幻年會的重點活動,由世界科幻小說協會舉辦。該獎首次是
獎項 ·
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硬科幻(英語:Hard Science Fiction,簡稱Hard SF)又叫硬核科幻,是科幻文學分支,相對于軟科幻,硬科幻強調科學細節和科學細節合理性。 彼得·史凱勒·米勒 ( 英語 : P. Schuyler Miller ) 於1957年首次提出硬科幻這個名詞 [1] [2] [3]。 定義 硬科幻作品的核心
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What does 」 I wish you the best endeavors.」 mean?
Definition of I wish you the best endeavors. It’s like saying good luck with whatever you’re doing.| EX “Good luck in your future endeavours” is a polite phrase used to express the best of luck towards someone who has been fired or released from a company.
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Endeavors definition, the plural of endeavor. See more. In our third teacher-created PSAT practice test there are new and unique vocabulary terms you may have never heard of! Can
Cook’s Endeavour ‘found’ at bottom of US harbour

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I will try my best endeavour during my term of office to collaborate the advantages of the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to serve our members, promote the professional development of the industry and build up CIHAPB as the platform for In the
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all the best in your future endeavours or good luck …

I wish you all the best of luck in maintaining that balance in your future endeavors. I also wish you good fortune and happiness in your future endeavours outside of Parliament. May I wish you luck and happiness in your future endeavours which, I am sure, will continue in the same style to which we have become accustomed here.
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