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主要翻譯 英語 中文 intoxication n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (drunkenness) 醉酒 zuì jiǔ 喝醉 hē zuì Public intoxication is against the law. intoxication n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (narcotic effect) 麻醉 má zuì Frequent
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What is the legal definition of PUBLIC INTOXICATION?
INTOXICATION intoxication, n. A diminished ability to act with full mental and physical capabilities because of alcohol or drug consumption; drunkenness.… LAND land, n.1. An immovable and indestructible three-dimensional area consisting of a portion of the
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金屬中毒[*], 化學危害[*], rare intoxication[*] 肇因 汞 治療 螯合療法[*] 分類和外部資源 醫學專科 急救措施 ICD-10 T56.1 ICD-9-CM 985.0 DiseasesDB 8057 MedlinePlus 002476 eMedicine emerg/813 Orphanet 330021
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Here you can learn about the harmful effects of alcohol use and how to reduce alcohol-related harm if you drink at all. If you have a drinking problem, this article tells you where to seek help. Health Risks in Alcohol Use Evidence shows that alcohol use increases
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public intoxication. The appearance of a person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol in a place open to the general public. • In most American jurisdictions, public intoxication is considered a misdemeanor, and in some states, alcoholism is a defense if the offender agrees to attend a treatment program.
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Public drunkenness is 『cultural identity』 in Britain
26/1/2021 · 「We don’t have a culture that is honest about the impact of intoxication,」 Winstock added. This is a particular cause for alarm as a separate study by the GDS showed that 48 percent of Britons said they had increased their alcohol intake since the pandemic began, during which time medical resources have been under greater strain than ever.
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2 天前 · Intoxication is a condition that follows the administration of a psychoactive substance and results in disturbances in the level of consciousness, cognition, perception, judgement, affect, or behaviour, or other psychophysiological functions and …
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Public intoxication
Public intoxication to any degree is generally viewed with extreme disapproval. Such Terrance Williams (1,341 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article misdemeanor public intoxication after his car was found crashed into a light pole. He On
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Public drunkenness
Offences Drunk in a public place If the police think you are drunk in a public place they may arrest you and place you in custody. They may do this if they think it is necessary for your safety. Drunk and disorderly in a public place ‘Disorderly’ behaviour is acting in a way that disturbs the peace or interferes with the comfort of people who may be nearby.
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